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Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations

"Unlike any other atlas ever previously published, Virga’s book is a dazzling, singularly splendid vision of the world and of people’s places within it. ...if you buy only one book this year, this must be the one."

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Eyes of the Nation: A Visual History of the United States

"A gripping and absorbing book whose words and pictures immerse you in the great sweep of American history."

--Walter Cronkite

" ...a sumptuous visual chronicle of the life and times of America... the captions sparkle brightest, adding context while offering surprising information."

--The New York Times


"I enjoyed Gaywyck very much. To me a fascinating mixture of Wilde, the Gothic and, above all, the souls laid to rest in New York."

--Angus Wilson, 1980

"I read it at least twice a year and am on my third copy."

--John Lawrence, 5 star customer review, Barnes & Noble, 2006